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Made for teaching life skills, confidence and self defense to students of all levels.

Retain More Students

20/20 Armor Recreational Chest Guards are built on instant feedback so students and instructors can measure performance and growth in real time. This helps to keep students engaged and informs instructors of where their students are excelling and where they may need to focus their training.

Attract New Students

Featuring the iconic video game scoring from titles such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat, the 20/20 Armor Recreational Chest Guard makes sparring more exciting, appealing, and fun than ever before. This method of scoring is very intuitive and easily understood by students as it relates to popular video games that they already play or have seen - allowing them to get active and act out their favorite video games in a safe environment while learning the tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.


The 20/20 Armor system is designed by a team of Olympic Taekwondo experts, Club Owners, and modern hardware and software engineers.

  • The score is similar to popular to video games, so students and parents instantly understand and want to engage

  • The score is displayed on the chest protector, so you do not need a computer to run a match

  • Patent pending scoring element built throughout the chest protector has no hot or cold spots, giving consistent, reliable and fair scoring

  • Choose from four different two player game modes, and three solo player modes to keep your students always learning

Training with existing electronic chest protectors is restrictive. The gear is expensive, it takes long to set up each match and you need a computer dedicated for each match.

With 20/20 Armor you just bump chests to sync chest protectors and start fighting. The clock and score are right on the chest protectors. To set up another match, just bump chests again and keep fighting.

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The 20/20 Armor Story

In 2009, the sport of Olympic Taekwondo changed from points awarded by human judges to points awarded by electronic sensors on athletes’ equipment. This change was made to remove the human error and bias that results from such a fast paced and high stakes game. Although the electronic systems have done much to removing human error and bias, they still receive strong criticism from athletes, coaches, referees and spectators alike.

Currently, the system of electronic scoring rewards a very limited body type (tall and lean) and limited techniques (cut kicks) and uses a point system that is difficult to understand. Players who are faster or stronger and who can throw a wider variety of kicks have far lower chance of winning. Spectators are disengaged because they can not quickly understand what is going on. These limitations make taekwondo less exciting to watch and less fun to play.

20/20 Armor is a system of equipment and new scoring rules that will drive athletes to perform in a way that keeps the athletes and spectators engaged in the sport. It will allow players of all body types fast, strong, lean and fighting techniques an equal chance to win and uses a scoring method similar to popular video games that is understood in less than 3 seconds by multiple generations - from ages 5 to 55.

20/20 Armor Vision

  • Be the official scoring system of the 2020 Olympics

  • Grow global Taekwondo participation from 80 million to 160 million

  • Make Taekwondo a professional sport like soccer or basketball

Below are blog posts on how 20/20 Armor will have positive impacts on the various stakeholders in Taekwondo

Olympics & Professional Taekwondo

Our vision is to be official scoring system of the 2020 Olympics, double global participation from 80 million to 160 million and make Taekwondo a professional sport like soccer or basketball.

To accomplish our vision, the 20/20 Armor team is working on a competition model, which is currently in active research and development.

The competition model will use the same patent pending energy scoring as the recreational model and will come with a patent pending head gear and a hit validation system. Our hit validation system will use motion analysis to determine valid and invalid techniques.

The rules of the new scoring are very simple for athletes and spectators to understand. Below is the entire rule set in 5 bullet points.

  • You win a match by winning 2 out of 3 rounds. You win a round by having more health on your "health bar" than your opponent’s at the end of a timed round. If you deplete your opponent's health bar before the round time is done, you win the round. This is similar to how scoring is done in popular video games such as Street Fighter™
  • For any single attack to the body, the impact energy will be removed from the opponent’s health bar.
  • Kicks to the head score for double the impact.
  • Attacks delivered in succession (i.e. combinations) will deplete the opponent’s health bar more than their simple sum.
  • Penalties will be given by the center referee and add health to your opponent. A minor infraction costs 10% health, and a major infraction, 25%.

We created an interactive scoring system to play with right in your browser.

Try out the new scoring

Suggested New Referee Rules

Supported by Olympians, World Champions and their Coaches

Meet the Team

The team at 20/20 Armor collectively has over 100 years of experience at Olympic level Taekwondo and 60 years in business. We own Taekwondo schools and were on national Taekwondo teams for Canada and USA, competed at international events such as Pan Am Games and World Championships. We are on boards for national Taekwondo organizations and have university degrees in business, law, computer science and aerospace engineering.

Ali Ghafour

  • 25+ years Taekwondo experience, 4th Degree black belt
  • 4 x National Canadian Team, 2007 Pan Am Games Team and 2008 Olympic hopeful
  • Computer Science Degree (University of Toronto) and Senior Software Technology Leader / Architect
  • Previously founder and Chief Technology Officer of an investor backed software business generating millions in revenue
  • Board member of Taekwondo Canada

Tony Kook

  • 34+ years Taekwondo experience, 6th Degree black belt
  • 2x National Canadian Team
  • Professional Martial Arts Instructor, owner of 4 Taekwondo clubs in Western Canada
  • Board member of Martial Arts for Justice and Korean Cultural Society
  • Board member and Vice President of Taekwondo British Columbia
  • Board member and Vice President of Taekwondo Canada

William Sexton

  • 22+ years Taekwondo experience, 5th Degree black belt
  • 2010 Under 24 U.S. National Team (Welterweight)
  • Technical committee member for US Collegiate Taekwondo
  • William was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics and made the decision to put his education on hold to develop 2020 Armor full time.

“We are deeply passionate about saving the sport that we have devoted our lives to. We’ve spent a lot of time with our customers (we are also our customers) and understand their pain intimately.”
- The 20/20 Armor Founders


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